20th Anniversary for Rack’Em Billiards
In the Cape Coral area of South Cape, Rack’Em Billiards is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone. The venue has been offering pool services for 20 years and continues to be a popular spot in the entertainment district of the city. Rack’Em Billiards is considered a staple to the night scene as patrons enjoy drinks and playing pool in the nighttime hours.

You won’t find a big dance floor or too big TVS, just a simple bar with pool tables and a small stage. Visitors can listen to music when live bands play and get to know the friendly staff who work day in and day out to provide a lovely experience.

Owner Andy Gray remains hands-on with the bar, always offering a hand, be it with the bar, stage help or the pool tables. Gray is constantly running around the venue, helping out, not just playing the role as owner. Gray’s parents actually purchased the building and nothing was there. While shooting pool with a friend, Gray was able to figure out what to do with
the empty building and convinced his parents to let him change the venue.

The bar has changed over time, offering additional beer taps and other little extras, but has always been a pool hall. Everyone loves coming to the venue, both visitors and residents of the area. Rack’Em is a go-to spot for those who want to go out with friends, have a drink and shoot a little pool.

This weekend, Rack’Em will be hosting a special blowout weekend to celebrate their 20th year of business. Music will take place all weekend, starting tonight. Local bands will play music and on Friday a special DJ will be on hand. The bar will be offering nonstop entertainment to keep visitors happy as they get in on the special anniversary action.

- 2016-03-17

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