Billiards Tournament launches new website
All across the United States there are various billiard groups that host various tournaments for both amateurs and pros of the sport. The tournaments usually see 20 or more people competing unless it is a major tournament that everyone knows about. To help their tournament become more well known the Ultimate 10- Ball Championships have launched their new website.

Players and fans can log on to the Ultimate10ball site to find out the latest information on the tournament. The home page of the tournament has tournament dates, the location of the tournament as well as prize money available and accommodation information. The site also lists any dress code information that may be needed to know as well as contact information for the tournament.

The website will also list tournament information as it happens. Once the events begin the tournament charts will be listed as well as match scoring as it takes place live. The results and payouts of the event will also be listed on the site as well. There will be two live streams that take place during the event. One will be for the women’s division and one will be for the men’s division. Fans can view the streams separately or at the same time.

The site will also have a chat room so fans and players can chat up the sport of pool as well as the tournaments taking place as they happen. The next championship event will take place in Frisco, Texas and the event will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The event will be sponsored by several companies in the industry including: Super Aramith Pro Ball sets as well as Diamond Pro-Am 9 and Simonis cloth.

- 2011-02-28

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