Booze and Billiards a Good Mix According to Recent Study
Studies are conducted on a regular basis on the oddest of subjects and one of the most recent includes the game of billiards. A recent study has reported that combing beer and billiards can help men stay active and live longer. The University of Copenhagen’s Center for Healthy Aging studied the game and the elderly and found that men who are over the age of 70, should play the game of billiards and enjoy a few beers to live longer and enjoy themselves.

Aske Juul Lassen is a PhD student who created a thesis based on the subject and titled Active Ageing and the Unmaking of Old Age. The study took into account men from 70 to 95 years of age with ten to fifteen men taking part in the study. The men would meet and play the game of billiards at least four times a week and this would include drinking beer.

In the study, Lassen stated that billiards constitutes active ageing and billiards is an activity that men enjoy and helps to enhance the quality of life. The men are staying active as well as remain social, making friends and enjoying their time playing the game. It was also concluded that the game is a suitable option for exercise as old people can vary in movement from being active to passive, which allows the men to continue to play for many hours.

The researcher not only conducted the study but also is now recommending the game plus the beer to the World Health Organization and the EU for a healthy lifestyle option for the elderly. Lassen points out that authorities would never characterize these activities as a healthy lifestyle. He questions that how we define ‘good aging’ and how society is organized should be reconsidered for the aging generations.

- 2014-10-16

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