Brunswick Billiards celebrating the holidays with 50th anniversary
Brunswick Billiards is one of the top manufacturers of billiard tables in the United States. The company has been in the business for over a century and a half and they are now celebrating a special anniversary. The company is commemorating the 50th anniversary of their Gold Crown tables this holiday season and they are preparing to offer a limited edition of cues to celebrate.

The Gold Crown pool cues are being created and will be available for purchase for this holiday season. The collection will have three styles. the first option is Model GC1 which will retail for $500 while the second edition is titled Model GC3 and will sell for $600.the last cue is the Model GC5 and it will sell for $700.

Since Model GC5 is the most expensive it will be limited in its release. Only five hundred of this model will be available. Each will be numbered to reflect how exclusive it is as well as its craftsmanship. The new cue collection will make a perfect holiday gift for any billiard player.

Austin Rothbard is the president of Brunswick Billiards and he commented on the new collection by stating: “For more than 160 years, Brunswick Billiards tables have brought families and friends together. This holiday season, we celebrate not only the anniversary of this award-winning table, but also the role it has played in shaping the industry and the thousands of memories it has created for families around the world. The Gold Crown series’ excellent craftsmanship and sleek design have contributed to its overall reputation as one of the industry’s best playing professional pool tables.”

- 2011-11-10

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