Charlie Bryant Wins Houston 9-Ball Classic III
Bogie’s Billiards & Games in Houston, Texas hosted the Houston 9-Ball Classic III recently and a large crowd of participants were on hand to compete. Sixty three players registered for the tournament but it was Charlie Bryant who took the first place win.

Bryant advanced to the hot seat match after defeating James Christopher 9-3 but was then sent over to the one loss side after being defeated by Shane Van Boening. Van Boening sent Bryant over after defeating Shawn Putnam.

On the one loss side Sylver Ochoa and John Lopez met Putnam and Christopher to see who would move on to the quarter finals. Putnam won over Ochoa 7-4 while Lopez lost to Christopher 7-5. Christopher moved on to face Bryant but lost and Bryant moved on to face Van Boening to win 7-5.

The finals were double elimination and Van Boening looked to have the advantage but Bryant came back and took the victory from the pool pro.

Final Results:

1st Charlie Bryant $1,250
2nd Shane Van Boening $550
3rd James Christopher $275
4th Shawn Putnam $175
5th Sylver Ochoa $80
John Lopez
7th Sparky Ferrell $60

- 2009-05-08

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