Choneyi Tenzin wins Rack’Em Up Tour Stop
Sunday May 1st Bo’s Billiard Club in Warwick, Rhode Island hosted an Open A-C handicapped event for the Rack’Em Up Tour which saw forty six players competing. Choneyi Tenzin was able to receive a bye in the opening round of the competition and then move on to defeat many players to earn the title win.

Tenzin first defeated Ed Boyle and then was knocked to the one loss side by Josh Gormly when he lost that match 4-2. Tenzin then began a seven match win streak to make it back to the winner’s side which would be the finals.

Tenzin would have to face Roarke Dickson to be able to earn his second straight tour win but he would do so, claiming his third overall victory on the Rack’Em Up Tour. As Tenzin was working his way through the one loss side, Dickson was working his way to the hot seat. He beat Ryan Parker 3-2 and the Bill Roberge 4-1 to make the finals.

Tenzin was working to get toward Gormly in the quarter finals. Gormly had lost to Roberge to make the one loss side and she would have to face Parker who she defeated in a shutout. Tenzin has also won his matches so now they would face each other. Tenzin set to work and Gormly unfortunately was only able to win one less game than Tenzin and this allowed him to get up one more to be able to make it to the finals.

Tenzin now faced Dickson in the finals and a double elimination would take place. Both played the back to back double hill matches as Tenzin needed to get six games and Dickson needed to get four. Tenzin was able to win both matches and earn his second straight title win on the tour!

- 2011-05-05

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