Female Pool Star launches Website
Kim White otherwise known as Lone Star is a professional billiards player who tours on the WPBA. White has been playing pool for twenty years and she has taken her love of the game as well as her history in the sport to create a new pool website.

The new site is called Lone Star Of Texas and White talks about her life in the pool industry. The site also lists appearances made by White and events she will be attending. There is also a News section which tells fans about projects that White is working on as well as private exhibitions that White is involved in.

One project that White is working on is a new reality show that will air on Comcast. The new show is called Playing with Sharks and is being produced by Imaging Studios Adam Taylor. White worked with PoolWebSites to create her new site. PoolWebSites is located in Texas, Austin to be exact, and they service the billiards industry with online solutions.

White worked with Jeff Montigny the owner and operator of the site to create her very own website. The new website also has photos of White which were taken by Kim Coffman as well as Melinda Bailey. White commented that she really enjoyed working with PoolWebSites, she stated:

“I love this company because they cater to the customer’s vision for their site. They provide punctual updating, I.T. support, and a great peace of mind for your online business.”

The new site created for Kim White is easy to access and fans of the pool player can stay constantly updated on what is going on in White’s world. This is a great way for fans to be able to keep track of White’s events and tournaments so they can watch their favorite player in action.

- 2011-02-08

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