Greater Southern Home Recreation Partners with Brunswick Billiards
Brunswick Billiards is a top provider of billiards products and is a sponsor of many billiard events. The brand recently partnered with Greater Southern Home Recreation to offer their products to customers located in Chattanooga Tennessee and areas of North Georgia. Greater Southern will now offer the Brunswick Billiards products with white glove delivery service for the full line of table products.

Not only will Greater Southern offer the Brunswick Billiards products, but customization will also be made available. Deliveries should take around two to three weeks after the initial order. Each of the Brunswick Billiards tables are handcrafted with fine woodworking and superior skill. Such options as the Brunswick Contender beginner table or the more advanced Brunswick Montebello.

The General Manager of Greater Southern, David Piha, stated that the company is thrilled to be working with Brunswick Billiards as the exclusive dealer for Chattanooga and Northern Georgia. Clients can rest assured that products will be of the highest quality from the Brunswick Billiards brand and will offer the superior customer service of the Greater Southern brand.

The shopping process has been made very simple and is enjoyable for the billiards player. Players can easily find a quality product to be added in the home or business. Choose the table that meets your playing needs and the Greater Southern company will provide free home delivery which includes the lifetime warranty of Brunswick Billiards.

The Certified Slate of Brunswick allows you to revel in the guaranteed quality of craftmenship. The white glove delivery lends to the superior customer service of Greater Southern and provides you with a stress free purchase. The delivery team provides set up in your home so you are ready to enjoy the very first game with your brand new billiards table.
Players who live in the Northern Georgia or Chattanooga can enjoy the lovely table options provided by Brunswick Billiards at Greater Southern.

- 2015-03-12

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