Liz Lovely Wins MissCues Tour Stop
On July 14th and 15th, 8-Ball Sports Bar & Billiards located in Columbus, Ohio hosted a $500 added event on the MissCues Regional Ladies 9-Ball Tour. The event saw only sixteen players competing and it was Liz Lovely who remained undefeated during the competition to earn the first place win.

Lovely had to face Teruko Cucculelli in the finals to earn the first place win but this was not the first time the two faced off against each other. Both players met in the hot seat match after Cucculelli defeated Buffy Jolie 7-2 and Lovely defeated Casey Clark 7-1. Both players fought hard for the hot seat but it was Lovely who earned the coveted spot.

Jolie faced Linda Bradeberry and Clark played Jen Polik on the one loss side. Polik produced a shutout against Clark in the quarter finals and then faced Jolie who defeated Bradeberry 7-4. Polik and Jolie went double hill in the quarter finals until
Polik got a 9-ball on the final break to win the match.

Polik then faced Cucculelli in the semi finals, which was a rematch between the two females. Cucculelli wanted to face off against Lovely again so she defeated Polik 7-3 to move on the finals against Lovely. Lovely was ready and after losing only three racks, Lovely would claim the title win, remaining undefeated throughout the competition.

Final Results:

First Liz Lovely $420
Second Teruko Cucculelli $300
Third Jen Polik $180
Fourth Buffy Jolie $120
Fifth Casey Clark $90
Fifth Linda Bradeberry $90

- 2012-07-27

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