Major Billiards Tournament Cancelled
The Southern Division Billiards and Snooker Association has worked hard over the past few weeks trying to get ready for the first ever event for veteran snooker and billiards players. The event has now been postponed due to poor response.

The tournament was scheduled to take place this past weekend but organizers had to change the dates because they did not see the response they were looking for towards the tournament. Riffat Bhatti is the president of the SDBSA and he commented that he believes the major reason that the event did not see a good response was the devastation in the western division from flooding and heavy

Bhatti commented: “We received less number of entries and eastern players have requested for the Veteran Snooker and Billiards tournament to be postponed. Players from the western division will face difficulties in participating because most of their houses were affected by the floods.”

Bhatti went on to apologize to the players as well as the sponsors who were looking forward to the event taking place. Bhatti commented: “We ask for understanding and consideration from those who were looking forward to the tournament and we thank Coastal Rental Cards Sigatoka for sponsorship and hope this will continue in the future.”

The committee of the Southern Division Billiards and Snooker Association will meet this week to determine the new dates for the tournament. Hopefully, things will work out for the next event and the tournament will be able to take place.

- 2012-04-17

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