Matchroom Sport Announces World Cup European Qualifier Event
On July 11th the Sporthotel Alpina in Austria will be hosting a tournament that will offer two spots to the 2010 Party Poker World Cup of Pool. Matchroom Sport announced this special tournament and it will have spots for pairs from nations that are not already represented in the World Cup of Pool.

Matches will take place in scotch doubles, races to eight and the winner will break. The tournament will have double eliminations until the last four matches which will be single elimination. The two spots to the World Cup will see the lucky winners going to Manila in September to compete.

‘With there being so many countries in Europe competing regularly to a high standard, it seemed only fair that we introduced a qualifying event for the World Cup. No one can argue that the ‘big guns’ of England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain etc should be in the starting lineup but over the past few years, more and more countries are upping their respective games and they should all be given a chance to compete in the World Cup,’ stated a Matchroom Sport spokesman.

Players from other European nations other than Austria, England, Croatia, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Russia, Spain, Germany and Sweden can compete in the event to hopefully win the spots to the World Cup of Pool.

- 2010-06-24

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