Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open back for sixth year
The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open is back for their sixth consecutive year and some of the best amateur billiards players are getting ready to compete. The event will take place from July 28th to the 31st in New Iberia, Louisiana at Emerald Billiards and will be produced by Dragon Promotions. The event will be taking place alongside the Poison DP Pro Classic.

The event will have seven tournaments of 9-ball and 8-ball games. There will be several divisions including: Open, Women, seniors and Mixed Doubles. There will also be a new event called the Pro-Am 9-Ball Open. This event will allow pros as well as amateurs to compete.

The 8-ball events will not allow pros, semi-pros, top rated amateurs to compete. These events are strictly for true amateur players. The Pro-Am 9-Ball events will let top pros play as well as amateurs. The winner of the Pro-Am 9-ball event will earn $5,000 and the Open 8-ball event will offer up $3,000 for the winner if the field is of moderate size.

“We are really pleased to continue this long standing event. It’s now in its sixth year, and the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open keeps drawing bigger and stronger fields. It’s exciting to also work with the local APA franchise and for the amateurs to qualify and play with the pros in the Poison DP Pro Classic. There are several events for each player to play, so they have more than one shot to play. Men, women, and seniors from all over the country get an opportunity to do it all during the Ozone US Amateur Open”, said Shawn Gargano, President of Ozone Billiards.

- 2011-05-10

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