Raj Vannala Wins Tri-State Billiard Stop in New Jersey
On the 24th of this month the Tri-State Billiards Tour stopped in Parsippany, New Jersey for a $500 added B-D handicapped event. Forty seven players entered into the tournament which took place the Comet Billiards.

Raj Vannala was hot that night as he beat several opponents. Vannala beat Gary Murgia 7-4 and Neil Walmsley 6-1 which put him in the hot seat. Walmsley had beaten Ben Sadowski who went to the one loss side along with those that Vannala sent over.

Randy Mackin and Dave Shlemperis took on Murgia and Sadowski on the one loss side. Shlemperis was beaten by Sadowski 6-5 and Murgia won over Mackin 7-5. Murgia and Sadowski then would face each other. Murgia took the matchup 7-2 and then moved on to the semifinals. Murgia would then face Walmsley in the semis where the two would go back and forth with the lead. Eventually Walmsley came out on top and moved on the face Vannala.

The finals did not begin until 3:30 in the AM so everyone must have been exhausted. Vannala won the matchup against Walmsley 7-5 to take the tour win.

Final Results:

1st Raj Vannala $600
2nd Neil Walmsley $400
3rd Gary Murgia $200
4th Ben Sadowski $150
5th Randy Mackin $100
Dave Shlemperis
7th Ryan McCarthy $75
Raphael DaBreo
9th Rhio-Anne Flores $50
Bill Meima
Pedro Crespo
Mike Panzarella

- 2009-01-27

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