Senior Earns Place in Billiards Event after 40 year Break
Imagine being good at a sport and then taking a break. Nothing unusual right? Okay then imagine after forty years of not playing the sport, you get back in action only to finish in a major tournament. This is exactly what Jon Wolfe of Campton Hills was able to do last month during the 18th Annual Illinois State Pocket Billiards Championships.

Wolfe competed in the event for the first time in a long time and managed to do quite well in the tournaments! Wolfe attended the event at the Pheasant Run Resort and managed to finish 3rd in the 8 ball Standard division. As if that wasn’t enough, Wolfe also finished fifth in the 8 ball Over 55 Seniors division out of 48 players. In total, the senior earned $600 for his efforts.

Wolfe stated that he was pleased overall with his performance and said it felt special to have done so well in the tournament after such a long break. It was four decades that the player did not play the game because he was tied up with work and family. He first began playing as a teen and then continued to play until life took over.

He then began playing again in 2004 and has since played a few times here and there, trying to sharpen his game. He even competed in the state billiard championships a few years ago but did not earn a spot in the finals. He had practiced this year and when the event came to town, he knew that he had to give it a shot.

This story just goes to show that if you love something, you should continue doing it. Wolfe loved the game and got back at it after decades and now is celebrating a good finish in a top tournament!

- 2014-04-25

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