Sparky Ferrell wins White Diamond Billiards Winter Extravaganza
The White Diamond Billiards Winter Extravaganza took place this past weekend at White Diamond Billiards in Lafayette, LA. The tournament drew a large field of players at 128 and it was Sparky Ferrell who managed to outlast the field and take the first place win.

The event was a $1,000 added tournament and was streamed live at poolactiontv. Ferrell beat Jeremy Jones to make it to the hot seat where he would face Joey Gray. Gray was hot off a win from Rafael Martinez but he would fall to Ferrell and move to the west side.

Jerry Slivka was knocked out in ninth place once he was on the left side after taking on David Trest. Trest moved on to face Bobby Pickle. Pickle won the match and would face Martinez next. At the same time Joey Barnes would beat David Gutierrez to face Kevin Noel. Barnes would beat Noel to face Jones and Barnes would win the match 7-4.

Barnes then faced Martinez and Barnes would be knocked out of the competition. Martinez would then face Gray in the semi finals but he would lose to Gray. Gray would face Ferrell in the finals for the second time. Ferrell would pull ahead 4-1 and Gray would come back making it 4-4 but in the end Ferrell would win the match 6-5.

Final Results:

1st Sparky Ferrell $2,142
2nd Joey Gray $1,040
3rd Rafael Martinez $796
4th Joey Barnes $551
5th Jeremy Jones $367
Bobby Pickle
7th David Trest $214
Kevin Noel
9th Jerry Slivka $107
Shane Waltrip
David Gutierrez
Sean Black

- 2010-01-12

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