Taobao World Mixed Doubles to feature top billiards stars and products
The Taobao World Mixed Doubles are set to take place on November 30th and will continue until December 2nd at the Jiebai Mall in China. The event is being hosted by Chamberlain Tables which is the official table of the event. Many of the top players in the industry are set to show off their skills on the equipment.

Fifteen time champion Allison Fisher of England is set to compete on the tables as well as Craig Osborne. Fisher will be partnering with Craig in the mixed doubles competition and they will face off against the Philippines teams which consist of Lee Van Corteza and Iris Ranola.

Fisher has played in mixed doubles in the sport of snooker but this will be her first time competing in a billiards mixed doubles competition. Fisher commented on her past experience by stating: “I have won in mixed doubles before in Snooker. At that time I had the greatest partner, Steve Davis. We were three times the World Mixed doubles champions in Snooker.”

Craig was asked about how he feels being partnered with Allison and he commented: “Well, what do I need to say about Allison that has not been said a million times over – What a class act she is! It’s an absolute pleasure to be partnering a legend in the pool world! I was invited to play with Allison in the event and just couldn’t turn it down. On top of an opportunity to represent England in a great event.
These opportunities do not come up very often, so it’s really impossible to refuse!”

- 2011-11-29

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