Tony Crosby Wins Seminole Pro Tour Stop
The Seminole Pro Tour Stop took place this past weekend at Capone’s in Spring Hill, Florida with many big name pros entering the competition. Tony Crosby was able to remain undefeated during the three day tournament to take the first place win.

Several players returned on Sunday to see who would be taking home the top prize. Crosby started the day facing Ronnie Wiseman. Wiseman gained a quick lead but Crosby would soon catch up and take the match 7-5 sending Wiseman over to the left side of the player’s bracket.

John DiToro and Hunter Lombardo were facing off on the one loss side with DiToro winning the match 8-4. DiToro went on to face Wiseman after he was sent over and DiToro won that match as well with a score of 8-1.

DiToro then went on to the finals to face Crosby. Crosby gained the lead quickly making the match 6-2. DiToro then moved up to a score of 4 but Crosby was on his game and was up 8 and then won the final frame to take the win.

Final Results:

1st Tony Crosby $2,700
2nd John DiToro $2,000
3rd Ronnie Wiseman $1,500
4th Hunter Lombardo $1,000
5th Mike Davis $750
Josh Lewis
7th Landon Shuffett $550
Jimmy Dempsey
9th Tracie Hines $350
Richie Richeson
Matt Krah
Steve Moore
13th Jerry Calderon $250
Justin Hall
Stoney Stone
Neil Fujiwara

- 2009-05-26

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