Two Year Old New Jersey Boy Making Headlines as Pool Prodigy
Keith O’Dell Jr is a normal twenty three months old boy except for one thing- he can play pool. And not just hit the balls around like a normal kid but actually hit specific shots, kick shots and bank shots. The toddler was filmed by his dad back in March and the footage was placed on YouTube. This has propelled the youngster into the pool world and he could not be happier.

Since being seen on YouTube, the toddler has been featured in a magazine, newspapers, a national news show and a local news station. Keith Jr has also traveled to Las Vegas and performed a demonstration for the American Pool Association. He has since become a member of the APA and he has his own website called poolprodigy.

To play the game little Keith Jr has to stand on a chair to reach the pool table but one he climbs up you better watch out because he then begins to pocket ball after ball. He handles the cue just like a pro and you can see the look of concentration on his face before he makes a shot.

- 2009-05-29

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