Warren Billiards Team Wins International Pool Championships
A Warren women’s billiards team decided to take on the VNEA’s 32nd Annual International Pool Championships just a few days ago and they ended up earning the title win. The women’s team was created with a group of friends and they began to see great success which allowed them to enter in the tournament.

The women started playing together about a year ago and are captained by Kerry Arnal. The group is part of a league and plays on a regular basis. The team decided to head to Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to compete in the international tournament and they competed against 5,000 players from all across the world.

The women put on their game faces and managed to win the tournament. The team is called Kracker Jack’s and they defeated a team from Canada in the finals to earn the championship title. Julie Skripac, a member of the team commented:

“The other team, which was from Canada, had to beat us twice in the final. They ended up beating us in the first set, so we had to come back and bring our best game to the second match, and we did. We annihilated them.”

This was the first time the team competing in a national level tournament but they showed they had what it took to win the event. The women practice on a regular basis and have a healthy completion between the groups.

Arnal commented: “WE go to each other’s houses and we practice with each other. So I think it’s a little bit of that competitive streak of when you want to win and you want to be better than your opponent.”

The women also encourage each other. "It's nice, with a team, to be able to, you know, if you're struggling a little bit, it makes it easier so you can relax and just play your game, and you know they're going to be there to support you," Arnal said.

- 2012-07-03

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