World Tournament Billiard Qualifiers Begin
The World tournament of 14.1 is in its 75th edition an qualifiers will be held nationwide to see who will have a shot at the title win. This is the eighth year in the row that the qualifiers took place across the US and players will find out if they will be competing against the best pool players in the world.

In the finale main event of The World Tournament will see each qualifier winner guaranteed to compete in 5 round robin matches. The main event will take place in New York City and Dragon Promotions will be hosting the event. The main event should take place on the 4th to the 9th of August and will be hosted by Steinway Billiards Café.

The first qualifier took place this past weekend starting on May 3rd. Slate Billiards in Florida hosted this event for the second year in a row. Another qualifier will take place in June in New York City for NAPL league members.

Chicago will have a stop at Red Shoe Billiards on June 21st and this will be the eighth time in a row. New Jersey’s Sandcastle Billiards will host a qualifier a well and then the final qualifier will take place on July 19th in New York City at Amsterdam Billiards. This pool room has been a strong supporter of the World Tournament and continues to host qualifiers for players to take part in the event.

With last year’s World Tournament, the event was standing room only during most matches and there was much buzz surrounding the event. Shane Van Boening took part in the event for the very first time last year while Can Wang was the first player from China to compete. Other top competitors in the event were Darren Appleton and Francisco Bustamante.

- 2014-05-07

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