WPA World junior Championships to be sponsored again by Poison Billiards
The sport of billiards is one that is very popular across the US as well as abroad. The game can be played for fun with friends or enjoy the game on a professional circuit. The WPA World Junior Championships is a popular event where young children begin to learn the game. It was recently announced that Poison Billiards will be providing the junior players with proper support during the upcoming November event.

The 9-ball championships of the WPA World Junior event will begin on the 15th of November and continue until the 19th in China. Shanghai will be hosting the event and the Billiard Education Foundation is happy to have the support from the Predator Group, the owner of Poison Billiards.

The nine team members were chosen via qualifications and are being coached by Karen Corr and the team leader Earl Munson. Each member of the team will be wearing Sportek polo shirts which colors of patriotism for the US. The logo of the event and a national presence will be placed on each shirt. With the support of Poison, the team can now use financial support to provide more funds to additional billiards programs.

Jani Haney is the Manager of the Predator Group Sponsorship and stated that they are honored to support the Billiard Education Foundation and work diligently to promote billiards through academic scholarships and sportsmanship. The group is now wishing the team members the best of luck as they travel to the event in Shanghai.

This is just one example as to how top companies can help to promote special programs in the sport of billiards. Thankfully, companies such as Predator provide the assistance needed so young people as well as professionals can further their game and career in the fun and exciting sport.

- 2014-10-01

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