Yu-Ram Cha wins WPBA Regional Tour Championship
The WPBA Regional Tour Championship takes place over four days each year and this year the event took place just a few days ago and sixty three women showed up to compete. The tournament is an n invitation only pro qualifier tour event and there was over $13,000 in prize money up for grabs. In the end it was pro player Yu-Ram Cha who earned the first place prize.

Cha took out many players on her way to the finals. She was able to beat Becky Jones 9-1, Jana Montour 9-0 and Lisa Marr 9-3 to move on. Briana Miller defeated several players including Ashley Nandrasy 9-7, Monica Anderson 9-1 and Jacqui Herrera 9-4 to then face Cha. In their match, Miller fought hard but it would be Cha to the hot seat match that would advance with a final score of 9-4.

At the same time, Susan Williams was on a winning streak as well. She won her first three matches but would be knocked out of the competition by Janet Atwell. Joanne Ashton did well in the competition but she would be knocked out eventually by Cha 9-4.

When play got down to the final eight Miller would eliminate Veronique Menard and Atwell and Williams would beat Kim Benson and Sharon O’Hanlon. Williams would then face Miller, who she would defeat and Williams would also defeat Ashton to then face Cha in the finals.

In the end Cha and Williams would both win a frame but Cha took an early lead and would remain on top to win the tournament with a final score of 9-4.

Final Results:

1st Yu-Ram Cha $3,250
2nd Susan Williams $1,930
3rd Joanne Ashton $1,320
4th Briana Miller $1,056
5th Sharon O’Hanlon $792
Janet Atwell
7th Veronique Menard $660
Kim Benson
9th Shelby Locati $396
Hiroko Makiyama
Suzanne Smith
Helen Laiche
13th Jana Montour $264
Marianne Merrill
Lisa Marr
Julie Comitini

- 2011-04-01

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